Without really even realizing it, I grew up with an incredibly creative and encouraging family. My dad was always woodworking or making something out of glass, metal, duct tape, or worse, beef. He’s a DIY kinda guy, teaching himself something new. My mom, an accountant (who swears accounting can actually be creative without being illegal) was always my own personal cheerleader, even encouraging me to major in something as lucrative as music. I really owe it all to them—without that combo I’d probably be working at the DMV and doodling moustaches on people’s driver’s licenses.

Visual arts came about during high school through my love of writing as I learned layout during newspaper class. Even though my college focus was music, I kept being pulled back to design, typically working with small businesses and start-ups until landing a job at the amazing Hallmark Cards based in Kansas City, MO.

Over time I’ve cultivated a passion for illustrative designing and storytelling, and since I’m really a 4-year-old at heart, I’m naturally drawn to art that’s youthful, playful and exuberant. I change my hair every 5 minutes, and I'm obsessed with bright colors, geometric patterns, monsters and my dogs.


Kansas City Star, House & Home, February 2015: Musician, events producer and graphic artist Kristin Smith turns whimsical artwork into a business

Ink KC, September 2014: The Sexy Accident Turns Latest Album Into Immersive Book






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